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Countertops in Bentonville, AR

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Welcome to Granite Depot, Bentonville's premier destination for high-quality countertops. Selecting the right countertop is crucial in defining the look and functionality of your space, whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate our diverse selection to find the perfect match that suits your aesthetic preferences, lifestyle needs, and budget. From luxurious to practical designs, we have options to transform any room in your Bentonville home beautifully.

Quartz Countertops

For those seeking a blend of sophistication and durability, quartz countertops are an excellent choice. At Granite Depot, we offer various quartz countertops renowned for their robustness and low maintenance requirements. Being non-porous, they are highly resistant to stains and bacteria, ideal for the bustling environment of a modern kitchen or a frequently used bathroom. Our collection in Bentonville features a range of colors and patterns, ensuring you find a quartz countertop that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a testament to timeless elegance and enduring strength. Each granite slab is unique at Granite Depot, showcasing natural beauty through its intricate patterns and color variations. Renowned for its resistance to heat and scratches, granite is ideal for high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Our showroom hosts an array of granite options, from subtle hues to bold patterns, allowing you to find the perfect granite countertop that complements your home's style.

Countertop Repair & Maintenance

At Granite Depot, we believe in preserving the longevity and beauty of your countertops. Our comprehensive countertop repair and maintenance services ensure your investment retains its aesthetic and functional qualities over time. Whether it's sealing granite countertops or repairing minor damages on quartz surfaces, our skilled technicians in Bentonville are equipped to provide top-notch service, ensuring your countertops remain a centerpiece in your home.

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Elevate your home in Bentonville with exceptional countertops from Granite Depot. Our extensive selection of quartz and granite options is sure to meet your design and functional needs. Visit our showroom to explore our products, or contact us to schedule a personalized consultation. Our team is eager to assist you in finding and installing the perfect countertops for your home. Let Granite Depot be your go-to source for all your countertop needs.

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Places of Interest

Bentonville, Arkansas: A Blend of History and Modern Culture

Bentonville, Arkansas, nestled in the picturesque Ozark Mountains, is a vibrant city that harmonizes rich history with contemporary culture. Known for being the birthplace of Walmart and hosting world-class museums, this city offers an eclectic mix of experiences, from exploring the legacy of American retail to immersing in stunning art and nature. Whether you're interested in history, art, outdoor activities, or just a relaxing getaway, Bentonville promises an unforgettable experience.

Places to Stay

  • 21C Museum Hotel: 200 NE A St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States


  • Orchards Park: 1100 NE John Deshields Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
  • Pea Ridge National Military Park: 15930 National Park Dr, Garfield, AR 72732, United States
  • Hobbs State Park: 20201 AR-12, Rogers, AR 72756, United States

Things to Do

  • Walmart Museum: 240 S Main St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
  • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: 600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
  • Museum of Native American History (MONAH): 202 SW O St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
  • Scott Family Amazeum: 1009 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States
  • The Momentary: 507 SE E St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Universities or Stadiums

Unfortunately, specific information about universities or stadiums in Bentonville, AR with addresses is not available. Please check local directories or official city websites for this information.



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